27−29 September 2024
13th International Exhibition on
Cutting and Welding Materials
Equipment, Laser Technology,
Machine Tools and Allied Products

Yashobhoomi, Dwarka India
International Convention & Expo
Centre (IICC), 
New Delhi



13 June 2018

The Market for Industrial Lasers is in a Strong Growth Mode!

Encouraged by technological advancements, new and innovative applications, and progressively declining manufacturing costs, the global laser technology market is on track to be a $17 billion industry by 2020!
Lasers have been employed in a variety of welding applications for many years. And, as laser technology further develops and diversifies, its uses in welding continue to expand. High power fiber lasers have emerged over the past decade as an ideal tool for a wide range of welding applications.
Laser welding also offers greater flexibility than arc welding, since it is compatible with an extremely broad range of materials, including carbon steel, high strength steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, and precious metals.